Flights with an empty private jet for prices up to 75% below regular prices? Very soon this will be possible through the Catch-a-Jet APP!


Very soon the Catch-a-Jet will be available in the Apple APP store and Google play store

“Available Empty Leg flights can bring you to almost every suitable airport in Europe. Imagine yourself flying in a private jet to Ibiza, Nice, Geneva or London, just to name a few!”

Why use Catch-a-Jet?

Through the Catch-a-Jet APP you can book and pay an Empty Leg private jet flight directly with one of our partner operators with only 3 clicks.

Private means private, you book the WHOLE jet and YOU decide who travels with you.

You can use these Empty Leg flights for both pleasure and business purposes.

Why Empty Leg Flights?

Empty Leg Flights provide you with the comfort, luxury and ease of chartered private jet flights, but for a fraction of the costs compared to a normal, chartered  private jet flight.

Avoid the rush from a busy airport or an overcrowded aircraft and enjoy a non-stop flight to your final destination with a private jet!.

Curious for more information?

Please send us an email to, we will be more than happy to assist with enquiries you might have.

Your Catch-a-Jet advantages


Save up to 75% compared to regular, private jet charter, prices!


With the APP you can buy an Empty Leg private jet flight directly from one of our partner operators in only 3 clicks.

Shorter travel time

Non stop until your final destination. You most likely will reach your destination quicker compared to a flight with the airlines.

No registration

No registration and no membership required, how easy is that?

Unlimited city pairs

Unlimited city pairs can be added into the APP so you have the best chance for a match with an available Empty Leg flight and one of your favourite city pairs!

Skip crowded flights

Empty Leg flights are ideal if you want to avoid the rush from a busy tourist season or an overcrowded aircraft. Let be honest, who doesn’t?

Book your empty private jet very soon!

Booking an Empty Leg private jet flight has never been easier. Soon the Catch-a-Jet APP will be available on the App store and the Google play store!